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Collaboration with my father in the fight against unfair mining practices
júlia pontés
May 23, 2019
Location: Belo Horizonte
Since 2017 I have been collaborating with my father, Túlio Mourão,  and the singer Titane. We have hit the road together in musical concerts for the communities affected by mining, to raise awareness on the cause and on the need for public engagement.

In January 2019 a dam collapsed killing almost 300 people. In February 2019 we were part of a large concert raising awareness to the issue.

Please follow more about the Túlio Mourão and Titane's "Paixão e Fé" project.
     Titane e Túlio Mourão convidam artistas para show sobre impactos da mineração | Revista Fórum
          Espetáculo vai contar com nomes como Flávio Venturini, Aline Calixto, Pereira da Viola e Luiz Gabriel Lopes entre outros artistas
  Especial “Paixão e Fé” reúne show, poesia e questionamentos sobre mineração | Rede Minas 
TV pública educativa que sintetiza a diversidade social e cultural mineira.

Júlia Pontés

Júlia Pontés (b.1983 - Minas Gerais, Brazil) - Based in Sao Paulo, New York, and Buenos Aires. She is a skilled drone pilot, aerial photographer, photographic printer and her photographic knowledge range from Large Format Film photography to advanced Photoshop skills.
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